Special types - Rookwood, Faience and Delft

At different times, Mettlach produced ceramics that were very similar in style to those of other manufacturers. This applies in particular to the Rookwood , Faience and Delft products.


Rookwood manufacturing technology came to Mettlach via the famous Rookwood factory in Cincinnati, Ohio, which had been successfully using this technology since 1880 . This is a glazed ceramic with a dominant color brown background. These products were decorated as hand-painting ceramics and used the fine spray of colored slip-glaze to form Rookwood-typical shades .

The border lines had, in contrast to the " hand-painted decors under glaze " only a minor importance. Additional works and the use of highly skilled painters to make the Rookwood items meant extra costs. So it is not surprising that such products often cost more than similar Chromolith ceramics .

They counted (if well done) to the finest, which came from the Mettlacher manufactory. The decors consisted mostly of male portraits, the pewter lids were impressively designed and many were provided with a large ball thumblift, which should remind of earlier perodes. The used molds (steins) had the numbers #2782- #2793 . The decor numbers all start from the number 6100 .

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