Relief and Mosaic decor

The first ceramics produced in Mettlach had a sculptural (flat) naturalistic decor that raised from the background and decorated the surface of the object. This manufactoring technique is named " Relief " (here: Flat-Relief ), an art form between the painting and statuary.

These Mettlacher ceramic products were mostly from brown to yellowish-brown mass and often covered with a platinum coating. In general, they did not have a maker's mark respectively just a number. If a trademark or maker's mark is visible in the early stages of relief production. It were slightly raised patterns, a crowned weapon shield with the letters VBMV illeroy B och M ettlach) intertwined. On both sides the mark was flanked by an eagle holding a band in its claws. Below the shield are two medals (indicating previous company awards). This brand was used from 1842 to 1860 .

Relief articles from Mettlach belong ro the cheapest products that were produced at that time (and usually also today).The mold numbers are usually under # 1000 , after 1880 they were included in the production program with mold numbers in the range of # 1000 - # 3500 . Other manufacturers also dopted this technique, but they did not reach the quality of the Mettlach ceramics.

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