Produced Sizes

GruppenbildI think that everyone has noticed that Mettlach articles have imprinted Roman numerals addition to the already known markings.
Of course, I currently have seen the numbers I, II, III, IV and V. In addition to these Roman numerals, there are now and then also the impressed Arabic numbers 0 and 00 .There may be others, since the price catalogs at the time have sizes up to the number VII (7), such as the stein with the mold number #2594, which is available in 7 sizes (2, 85L, 2.25L, 1.70L, 1.30L, 0.90L, 0.60L, 0.40L) .
Examples can be seen in the chapter " Villeroy & Boch marks "
I have tried to find out the principles of the size data in the Mettlacher price catalogs. I noticed the following.
1. Size designations for steins
A size marking is usually used by steins in the cases when different sizes of the ceramic were made . The largest stein got the size I (in the catalog is 1), the following, smaller stein got the size II (in the catalog is 2), etc .. When the decoration changed a little, so got the steins of this Category the same size (number) pressed on the buttom.
There are also cases in which the steins have the same body and the same decoration, but are different in the decoration, which makes up a major component, (e.g. # 2103, # 2104, # 2105 ). Even in these cases, the same number usually appears on the bottom of the steins.
2. Size designations for cups
In the cups, the sizes appear in the catalog (and most likely also on the cups themselves) whenever different sizes have been made..
In contrast to the steins, there seems to be a regularity in terms of the relation of volume and (Roman) number, which I have listed below

0 2,0 liter cup

I 1.0 liter cup

II 0.5 liter cup

III 0.4 liter cup

IV 0.3 liter cup

V 0.25 liter cup

3. Size designations for wall plaques
For the wall plaques, the assignment is usually unique . Below are my findings listed:

0 48cm wall plate

I 44cm wall plate

II 36 cm wall plate

III 30.5 cm wall plate

IV 26 cm wall plate

V 20 cm wall plate


1. Villeroy & Boch 1885 Mettlach 1905 : Mettlach stoneware 1885 - 1905: Dr. med. Therese Thomas, Anton Post, Saarwellingen December 1975 

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