Produced Sizes

GruppenbildI think that everyone has noticed that Mettlach articles have imprinted Roman numerals addition to the already known markings.
Of course, I currently have seen the numbers I, II, III, IV and V. In addition to these Roman numerals, there are now and then also the impressed Arabic numbers 0 and 00 .There may be others, since the price catalogs at the time have sizes up to the number VII (7), such as the stein with the mold number #2594, which is available in 7 sizes (2, 85L, 2.25L, 1.70L, 1.30L, 0.90L, 0.60L, 0.40L) .
Examples can be seen in the chapter " Villeroy & Boch marks "
I have tried to find out the principles of the size data in the Mettlacher price catalogs. I noticed the following.
1. Size designations for steins
A size marking is usually used by steins in the cases when different sizes of the ceramic were made . The largest stein got the size I (in the catalog is 1), the following, smaller stein got the size II (in the catalog is 2), etc .. When the decoration changed a little, so got the steins of this Category the same size (number) pressed on the buttom.
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