Mettlach Artists - An Introduction

Phanolith / Jean Baptiste Stahl

At the time of its heyday, Phanolith and Chromolith products were the products that earned Villeroy & Boch prizes and awards.

Accuracy in production could only be achieved by highly qualified staff (artists) who designed, decorated and painted the stoneware.

At some Mettlach steins and wall plaques they have left their signature, either as initials or with full names. However, this signature is missing in many Mettlach articles , so that one can often infer only about the special style of a well-known artist on its origin.

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Unfortunately, there are also a variety of products that are unique or unassignable to any artist. However, the intense research that has been done in this area in the past has revealed many a secret, and I am sure that there will be many a surprise in the future as well.

There are collectors looking for all or even only signed Mettlach products . Especially Heinrich Schlitt designed a variety of stil Decorations that are especially appreciated by collectors. Schlitt is also known to have his signature or initials on almost every stein and wall plaque, so you can easily identify his pieces.

It should be noted, however, that the presence / absence of the signature has no general impact on the popularity (and therefore value) of a Mettlach product. Many signed pieces (eg the PUG products of Heinrich Schlitt ) are relatively cheap whereby however a large part of the most popular / expensive products are unsigned.

The most prolific artists in Mettlach were Otto Hupp , Heinrich Schlitt , Christian Warth (director of the art department), Fritz Quidenus, Matthias Hein and Jean-Baptiste Stahl , where the designs of "Stahl" are found only on Relief, Cameo and Phanolith ceramics.

Hein mainly designed mosaic and chromolith decors but also some full-color relief steins.

Warth and Quidenus are almost exclusively produced Chromolith products.

Schlitt designed a very large number of Mettlach pieces and devoted himself to Chromolith and transfer printing (PUG)

Not all artists worked exclusively for Mettlach . For example, a large number of designs have been commissioned from freelance artists, especially for the production of Mettlach items .

Even though in the last few decades one have been able to learn a lot about the artists in the golden age, many still remain unknown or the available information about their lives is very sparse.

Thanks to the tireless research of passionate collectors one have already learned a lot about one or the other previously unknown artist. It is often coincidental that one find a clue that lets assign a particular product to an artist.

Noteworthy is the cross-border exchange of information and the cooperation between collectors who work together with passion to work through this time .

In this chapter, I have tried to put together as many things as possible that are known about the various artists in Mettlach today.

I will also try to incorporate new insights about these artists in a timely manner and would therefore be very happy to receive the support of my website visitors.

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