Drawing / Painting School of Mettlach

In April 1851, Eugen von Boch created a drawing school in Mettlach.  All those who were artistically active in Faiencerie were allowed to attend the drawing lessons.  Eugen von Boch who himself painted admirably wanted to raise the artistic level of his employees and to promote the economic and artistic development of the faience.

The Mettlacher drawing school was thus regarded as an intermediary of a technical and artistic training in the time.

The existence of a variety of pencil and sketched drawings suggests that the teaching was comparable to that of an academy.  There was no motive that was not on the teaching program.  Animals and people with the details of their anatomy and landscapes as well.

The simple stylized plant elements, which were probably intended to decorate the architecture, seemed to have been made (according to the assessment of existing works) in the initial stage of the lesson.They are exactly represented but appear a bit stiff, without much swing and too honest.

The illustrated landscapes have the typical romantic note of the 19th century: old buildings, chalets in the mountains etc. Perspectively, they are correct.  The representations are animated by plants and trees which alleviate the otherwise dry character of the scene but otherwise there is no human being, no animal to be discovered.

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